FLAIR - Carnatic Music 2.0 - About

FLAIR - Carnatic Music 2.0 is an experimental project founded by Mahesh Raghvan that attempts to present Carnatic compositions in a modern style, by fusing them with elements of Dubstep, Drum and Bass, and Electronic Dance Music. The objective of this project is to present Carnatic Music Fusion in a way that would appeal to the young and modern audiences of today. Featured below are some of the productions, which are part of the project. For more productions, check out the Facebook and YouTube pages. The full versions of all of the below tracks are available on iTunes and Bandcamp

Indian Style Covers

In order to further promote the cause of this project and Indian Music, I started producing Indian Style Covers of popular western music themes/songs. Many of the covers below went viral on the internet and have been featured in many articles and publications online.